Pathways to Membership

Pathways to Membership is a series of sessions where new, prospective & current members can learn more about UU, the ALUUC community, and we can get to know you! There are three sessions that are offered in alternating months. We can also hold a condensed version of “Pathways” upon special request. The three sessions are as follows:

Seeds: Sharing Our Stories

This session focuses on sharing important themes and stories from our life journey, with a special emphasis on our faith journeys.

Roots: An inside scoop on UUism and ALUUC

This session is intended to present and discuss various themes and developments within UUism as a whole and ALUUC in particular. We will explore the Principles & Purposes, the Sources, and some important milestones. New and seasoned members are encouraged to attend.

Branches: Fostering Growth & Creating Connections

This session is an opportunity for newer people to meet some of the leaders and mentors within the congregation, to discuss how one might become more active and engaged!

You can register for a “Pathways to Membership” by contacting Reverend Martin Woulfe at 217-585-9550 or email or by contacting our Membership Coordinator at . Child care is available if requested two weeks prior to the class date.

Please check the website calendar for upcoming Pathways to Membership dates.

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