UUANI August 2018 Action Newsletter

Dear UU Advocates for Justice,

Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois - Building Community for Justice. UUs across Illinois are coming together to work for justice, beloved community, and a healthy planet, putting our deepest values into effective action.In terms of our UU values, we’ve won a few victories in Illinois so far this year – notably the FATE restorative justice bill – while several other efforts await the Governor’s signature. Of course, the biggest decisions yet to come are the upcoming elections. The UUA, the Poor People’s Campaign, UUANI and many others are all focusing in this direction.

Voting Our Values

I’d like to challenge each UU in Illinois to proactively affirm and promote our 5th Principle – the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process – by taking the UUANI Voting Our Values pledge and encouraging others to do the same, with the goal of 100% participation.

  • Take the Voting Our Values pledge.
  • Join us at 7:30pm on Wednesday, September 5 for a Voting Our Values webinar/conference call with UU leaders around the state who are engaging voters in their congregations and communities.
    Every vote in every district counts, especially in the race for Governor, and there are numerous other contested races around the state. Here are some ways you can participate in the UUANI Voting Our Values campaign:
  • Collect Voting Our Values pledges (online or on paper) after Sunday services starting the first week in September, when it will be the UUANI Action of the Week.
  • Reach out to youth and young adults in your congregation and in your community, especially those who are just turning 18 or at college. Contact to connect with other UU youth and young adults.
  • Offer online voter registration after Sunday services, and/or partner with share-the-plate recipient organizations to offer voter registration at an upcoming event, especially around Sept 25 National Voter Registration Day.
Visit your neighbors in the blocks surrounding your building and/or invite them to a community conversation about what matters to them in the upcoming elections.
  • Link up with an organized effort in your community to engage voters through door-knocking, phone banking, postcards, etc. Reply to this email for suggestions.
  • Share the non-partisan League of Women Voters voter guide (which will be the UUANI Action of the Week Oct 2).
  • Arrange a “Souls to the Polls” caravan to an early voting location between Sept 27 and Nov 5, and offer rides or absentee ballots to those who may have difficulty voting.
    Remember, this is not just about candidates – it’s about our UU values.

Listen, Lead, Share for environmental justice

Our other major focus currently is the Listen, Lead, Share campaign of the Illinois Climate Table. The plan is to have community conversations in each state Senate district to generate input and support for a transition to 100% renewable energy that works for everyone. UUs have been involved in sessions in Bloomington and Alton, with many more to come (see below).


Thanks for all you do for justice!

Peace and Power,

Rev. Scott Aaseng (he/him/his), Executive Director
Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois (UUANI)

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UUANI is supported by contributions from Unitarian Universalist individuals and congregations in Illinois, and by grants from the Fund for Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibility, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, the Chicago Area Unitarian Universalist Council, and the Illinois Environmental Council. We are grateful for each of these forms of support!

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