April 2016 UUANI Action Newsletter

Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois - UUs across Illinois are coming together to work for justice, beloved community, and a healthy planet, putting our deepest values into effective action.KUDOS

Check out UUANI’s Facebook group to see UUANI Board member Bill Sasso speaking out for a responsible budget in Carbondale and UUs advocating in Springfield!

Congratulations to those in the Champaign-Urbana area who helped get Sen. Bennett to sign on as the 30th co-sponsor (out of 60 Senate members) of the Clean Jobs bill!


Promoting Justice, Equity and Compassion: A Responsible Budget and a Fair Tax

Illinois’ budget impasse and regressive income tax continue, affecting those most vulnerable among us most severely. The Fair Tax has about 2/3 of the votes it needs to pass, while we continue to advocate for a responsible budget, targeting efforts on key districts around the state.

Affirming Worth and Dignity [I]: Ending Unlimited Solitary Confinement
A bill to limit solitary confinement in Illinois prisons for the first time has been introduced by Rep. Ford. We continue to advocate for limits on this cruel and unusual form of punishment.

Affirming Worth and Dignity [II]: Police Accountability Reform and Ending Lifetime Employment Bans

Bills removing obstacles to filing police misconduct complaints and barriers to employment for people with records continue to collect co-sponsors. We continue to advocate that everyone be treated fairly and given a fair chance to be a productive member of society.

Respecting the Interdependent Web: Clean Jobs
Negotiations continue between the Clean Jobs Coalition and energy producers, but the Clean Jobs bill has by far the most legislative support. We continue to advocate for clean jobs, clean energy, and a healthy planet.

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