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Religious Education

Welcoming & Accessibility

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How old is this congregation/how long have you been here?
“The Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Fellowship” was so named and dedicated in 1953. It’s since had several location and name changes. Services have been held on Elliot Ave., and Walnut St. Property for the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s own building was purchased on Woodside Rd. in June 1992, and the building was dedicated March 31, 1996.

Do I have to introduce myself/stand up/ talk out loud?
No, that’s not required at all. We offer guests and visitors the chance to introduce themselves, if they wish, during a special time at the beginning of the Sunday service. If a guest or visitor does not wish to introduce themselves at that time, they are always free to make introductions at a time when they would feel more comfortable doing so.

Are you involved in, or helping with [various social action/social justice issue]?
As a congregation we are often involved in many various social action causes and issues simultaneously. Our Social Justice Committee works as a cohesive unit to focus our energy, skills, and resources to help bring about the most possible good. Many of our members and friends also individually volunteer with various organizations and causes that help promote equality and justice. Please contact the chair of the Social Justice Committee at and follow the ALUUC newsletter for opportunities to become involved.

How do I become a member?
Our “Pathways to Membership” class is regularly held for those who are interested in becoming members of ALUUC. Presented by the Minister, the Membership Coordinator and church leaders, the class provides an opportunity to share your path to ALUUC, a brief history of Unitarian Universalism and ALUUC, and explains the benefits and responsibilities of membership, including opportunities to contribute and to make a difference in the world. Upon completion of this class, we invite new members to sign the membership book, and then to participate in a Sunday morning new member ceremony where they will be welcomed by the congregation.
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Religious Education

What age ranges do you serve?
We have a nursery that serves ages birth through 2 years of age. We provide age-appropriate religious education classes beginning from the age of 3 and continuing through our Senior Youth Group, which serves our students until high school graduation or the equivalency.

Do my children have to participate in Religious Education Classes?
No child is required to participate in any aspect of ALUUC’s religious education program. Both children and adults are invited to remain in the sanctuary during services, or to take part in the Religious Education classes. During services, all children must be with their parent(s) or accompanied by an adult, as it is dangerous for a child to wander the build/grounds alone.

Do my children have to be part of Religious Education to be part of Eco Camp?
No, Eco Camp is open and free to the the public. We do welcome and encourage donations from multiple sources. We also encourage early enrollment in camp as camper slots fill up fast.
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Welcoming & Accessibility

What does it mean to be a “Welcoming Congregation”?
The Unitarian Universalist Association requires all ‘welcoming congregations’ to have submitted proof of having met certain guidelines and goals including but not limited to LGBTQ social justice work, LGBTQ inclusive language in congregational publications, and LGBTQ educational programs. ALUUC has met the requirements for these goals and guidelines and is officially a Welcoming Congregation and safe space for LGBTQ persons.

Is Welcoming Congregation Only about LGBTQ issues?
No. While it’s true the original definition of ‘welcoming’ was built around LGBTQ issues, the UUA recently broadened its definition of welcoming to include a wide range of socially and institutionally marginalized peoples and the various issues that affect these people’s lives.

Does ALUUC have gender neutral bathrooms?
Yes, the ALUUC gender neutral and family bathroom is located in the nursery, in the commons. The Women’s bathroom and Men’s bathroom are located in the hall, past the kitchen, near the water fountain.

I have a hearing impairment, do you have hearing assist devices?
We do, next to the programs and the hymnals in the back of the sanctuary; just ask an usher for one. If you are having an issue with the device, please see the volunteer near the sound cabinet in the corner of the sanctuary.

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes, we have automatic door openers on our bathrooms and front doors, and the entire building is located on one level – there are no stairs on our grounds.
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Electronic Communications & Internet

Is there Wi-Fi at ALUUC?
Yes, there is, we have 3 secured private networks, and one unsecured public network. The password for the secured network can be found in the office, or on bulletin boards in the classrooms.

What is the password for the online member and friends directory?
Please email with a request for the password(s).

I would like to subscribe to your weekly announcement and/or monthly newsletter, how do I do that?
Please send a request to with your email address, name, and your subscription preferences.

I’ve signed up, but I’m not receiving announcement or newsletter emails.
Check your spam folder and mark the message ‘not spam’.
On Gmail, read aluuc email in the Promotions tab.
Questions? See Marissa or .
More at

How do I put something into your weekly announcements?
Please submit your announcement to by Wednesday morning.

How do I put something into your monthly newsletter?
The newsletter deadline is around the 20th of each month. Please submit your announcement to by then. You may also email with questions about the deadline (it does change a bit every month), or what content is accepted.
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