Emergency Closures

NOTICE about Coronavirus disease / COVID-19: Sunday worship services & other in-person gatherings, including concerts, will be POSTPONED, at least through the remainder of March 2020. Read the full statement here…

When inclement weather strikes, a main furnace is broken, or some other emergency has happened, our main concern is for the safety of our congregants. It is up to individuals to determine whether or not they feel safe coming to church in these situations.

Weather-related closures

On very rare occasions, church services (and other events scheduled that day) may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions. On a Sunday, the decision will be made before 8:00am that morning. If a Sunday Service is cancelled, we will try to notify the congregation in several ways, including:

  • Posting a message on our Website and Social Media.
  • Emailing church members and friends.
  • Encouraging “word of mouth” communications.
  • Contacting by phone those members and friends who are without digital communications.
  • If possible, putting a note on the door.
  • If possible, through traditional media (newspaper, radio, etc.)

Unforeseen situations may prevent these methods of communication, in which case we will use whatever means we can to notify congregants of the closure.
Church events other than Sunday Services may be cancelled for bad weather at the determination of the event leader. It is the responsiblility of the event leader to communicate the cancellation with the participants.

Other Emergency Closures

In other very rare occasions, where coming to ALUUC is not advised for reasons such as a power outage, a mechanical failure, or some other emergency situation, a decision will be made before 8:00am (if possible) for Sunday Services, and we will try to notify the congregation in the same ways that we would do for weather-related closures.

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