Eco Camp 2018: “The Many Forms of Bravery”

A Free Ecology Day Camp for Children

July 23-27, 2018
9:30 am to 3:30 pm

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Planners | Registration Assistants | Playground Monitor | Kitchen | Food Donations | Program Activities | Classroom Coordinators | Friday Hogsmeade Activities | Saturday Action at the Farmer’s Market | Set up and Tear down

Enroll your children, ages 5-12, for a free week-long day camp with the goal of learning how to be ecologically friendly. Children who are 5 years old will be accepted if they will be in First Grade in August. EcoCamp takes place from Monday to Friday.

Daily themes will explore the earth’s traditional basic elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. Activities galore including scientific demonstrations, games, songs, art/crafts, stories, nature activities, scavenger hunts, green technology, growing food, recycling and much MORE, including a free camp tee-shirt.

Teens 13 and over can register as Teen Counselors. To volunteer your teen as a counselor, contact our Registrar at

Campers (and families) are invited to participate in a Saturday action in Springfield (July 28th) and a Sunday graduation program and celebration at ALUUC (July 29th), which will be the weekend after camp.


Registration for camp is open to the public!

Every youth camper and teen counselor who wishes to attend camp are required to fill out both a Registration Form and a Photo Permission Slip.

Registration forms can be returned via either email to Diana DeWeese at or physical mail at ALUUC Eco Camp, 745 Woodside Rd, Springfield, IL 62711. Please return registration forms as soon as possible, as space is limited. Registrations are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, and once we have reached capacity, new registrations will go on a waitlist.

Youth Camper Registration Form (Fillable PDF*, for those ages 5-12)

Teen Counselor Registration Form (Fillable PDF*, for those ages 13 & up)

*Some internet browsers may not support Fillable PDFs, so you may need to fully download the form to your computer before you can fill it out.

Photo permission slips must be returned by the morning of the first day of camp (July 23, 2018), but can also be mailed in with your registration forms.

Eco Camp Photo Permission Slip (PDF, not-fillable)

For more information about registration, please call 217-585-9550, or email our registrar Diana DeWeese at

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Volunteer at Eco Camp

Planners | Registration Assistants | Playground Monitor | Kitchen | Food Donations | Program Activities | Classroom Coordinators | Friday Hogsmeade Activities | Saturday Action at the Farmer’s Market | Set up and Tear down
Eco Camp 2018 depends on your financial and physical support to make it a great success. We hope to leave a lasting impression on these young children of the importance of protecting Planet Earth. They are our future leaders. If you find a volunteer opportunity that suits you, please know that all times are flexible. We appreciate any time you can give to helping us teach these children The Many Forms of Bravery that are necessary to affect policy changes for the well being of us all.

To volunteer as a presenter, or to help in general, contact Phil Anderson at or by phone.

Meals and snacks are provided by volunteers. To volunteer to help with lunches and snacks, contact Elaine Orr at

Download the Volunteer Opportunities List (PDF)…


We would love to have your organizing skills to help us coordinate workshops, classrooms, and to brainstorm for crafts and games. The next planning meetings for Eco Camp are:

  • June 14th – 7 pm
  • June 28th – 7 pm
  • July 12th – 7 pm
  • July 19th – 7 pm

Eco Camp starts July 23. We will setup Sunday July 22nd after Sunday Services.

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Registration Assistants

Planners need 12 people to help with the initial processing of campers as they arrive Monday morning. This is a very exciting and busy part of camp. As the children begin to show up Monday between 9 and 9:30 am, we have a long table set up in order to get the kids their name tags, galleon bags, “class robes”, and get them pointed in the right direction. Monday is sorting day which means that campers who are new to camp get placed in one of four Houses. They will remain in that house each year they return to camp. Each new camper takes a turn sitting in the sorting chair and the sorting hat magically chooses which house best suits the camper’s personality.

Volunteers duties: Be assigned a station along the registration table.
Day: Monday
Time: 8:30 – 10:00 am

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Playground Monitor

During lunch the campers are split into two groups of thirty children each. They rotate between eating lunch in the Great Hall (Sanctuary) and playing on the playground. Although the Prefects (Junior Counselors) are present to guide and supervise the playground area, an adult volunteer is needed to increase safety and offer guidance to the teen Prefect.

Volunteers duties: Be present in the playground during lunch.
Day: Monday-Friday
Time: 11:30 – 1 pm

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ALUUC provides a morning and afternoon snack and lunch for 60 campers, 18 Prefects, and 15 adults. Kitchen helpers can come for one of three shifts: 9:30-11:30, 11:30 -1:30, or 1:30-3:30 pm. Plan on helping just a little before and after your shift in order to allow new volunteers to get on track. We will have food prep gloves. Tasks will include food prep, serving food to campers, and clean up.

Volunteers duties: Assist in food Prep and Serving
Day: Monday-Friday
Time: 9:30-11:30, 11:30 -1:30, or 1:30-3:30

To volunteer to help with lunches and snacks, contact Elaine Orr at

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Food Donations

The campers go through fresh veggies and cookies in huge quantities. You can donate cut up veggies or those that require washing and cutting. The local farmers’ market is a great source. All cookies except those containing nuts or nut products are welcome. They can be provided any day, or left at church the Sunday before, and we’ll stick them in the refrigerator for later in the week.

For more information, contact Elaine Orr at

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Program Activities

Eco Camp planners coordinate themed activities, crafts, and workshops on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday is Air Day, Wednesday is Fire Day, and Thursday is Earth Day. If you have ideas or know people who teach conservation and ecological stewardship and you think it would be a good experience for Eco Campers, please let us know.

Volunteers duties: Organize and teach two 45 minute workshops with classes of 15 campers.
Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
Time: Morning and afternoon classes

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Classroom Coordinators

Volunteers duties: Help young counselors keep House Classrooms productive
Day: Monday – Friday
Time: 9 am – noon or noon – 3:30 pm (Times are flexible. Help when you can.)

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Hogsmeade Activities

This is our Friday reward party when campers get to let loose and have some treats. They get to spend the Galleons they earned throughout the week for winning at games, having a good attitude, listening to the prefects and answering trivia. There will be several tables such as the Filch’s Toy Store (full of campers’ donated toys), the kitchen serving Butterbeer & chocolate frogs, a movie area, a photo area, snow cones, and other games and fun activities. Other examples are Crafts, Wand Repair and Professor Flippy’s Psychic Predictions. You may choose to work a table, or you may have an idea or a resource for a game, craft or whatever that you think the campers would enjoy.

Volunteers duties: Supervise an activity table at Hogsmeade, collect Galleons from Campers.
Day: Friday
Time: 11:30 – 3:30 pm

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Saturday Action at the Farmer’s Market

On the Saturday following Eco Camp, we set up a canopy in the Artisan Area of the Farmer’s Market. In the past, we have shown passersby how to make bags from recycled T-shirts, and he children marched around singing songs and carrying signs about being Earth-friendly. We have used a bag monster costume made of 700 recycled grocery bags that represents the number of these bags the average American uses every year.

This year we have discussed changing the theme, but continuing to do the little chanting march. We are also interested in doing a street performance or play of some sort. We are looking for creative people to help choose an appropriate theme or help develop the street performance or play act that may be appropriate for the Farmer’s Market.

Volunteers duties: Make bags from t-shirts and/or help with our booth’s activity, or help with street performance or theme.
Day: Saturday, July 28th
Time: 8 am – noon

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Set up and Tear down

Volunteers duties: Help set up tables for activities. Help clean up for Sunday service.
Day: Sunday, July 22nd set up for camp and Friday, July 27th set up for Sunday
Time: Noon Sunday and 3:30 pm Friday (set up or tear down shifts available)

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Make a Donation!

We are asking for donations of any amount to support Eco Camp. We estimate that $50 will sponsor one camper. Your support allows us to offer this wonderful camp for free. Please give generously. We will use your contribution to educate the environmental stewards of tomorrow. These kids may one day save the planet!

To contribute financially or sponsor a child, contact We will be accepting donations for Eco Camp after church services. You can also mail your donation to ALUUC, 745 Woodside Road, Springfield, IL 62711. Write Eco Camp in the memo line.

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Other Questions?

Please contact us at!

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