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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee conducts an annual review of the Congregation’s financial records.
Chair: As needed
Board Liaison: As needed

Standing Committee of the Board.

Children’s Religious Education (RE)

This committee plans the curricula for the children’s religious education, and plans other events for the children throughout the year.

Co-Chairs:  Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant
Board Liaison:  Lara Quivey
Director of Religious Education (DRE): Pat Woods

Standing Committee of the Board.

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Committee on Ministry

The Committee shall meet with the Minister no less than twice a year for a performance evaluation and to discuss any issues of importance to the ministry

Chair:  Mark Hanson
Jim Curran (2017-2020)
Diana DeWeese (2016-19)
Mark Hanson (2015-18)
Jack Kriel (2015-18)
Ed Schultz (2017-2020)
Juliet Slack (2016-19)

A Committee of the Congregation, appointed by the Nominating Committee with the advice and consent of the Minister and the Board.

Electronic & Communications (ECC)

This committee manages digital communications (website, monthly newsletter, official emails, social media); membership directories; office computers and related equipment; and audio/visual equipment (sound system, hearing assist).

Chair:  Marissa DeWeese
Board Liaison:  Kim Villanueva
Newsletter:  Cheryl Wycoff and Elaine Gambiani
Webmaster:  Carol Kneedler

Standing Committee of the Board.

Endowment Trust

Our Endowment Trustees guide the investments of the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation Endowment Trust.

Trustee Chair:  Roger Powers (2015-20)
Trustees: (six year terms)
Delinda Chapman (2017-2023)
Frank Kopecky (2017-2023)
Posy Robertson (2016-21)
Victoria Vincent (2013-18)

Trustees are elected by the Congregation.


This committee maintains the building and grounds of the congregation. Aesthetics and Flower are sub-committees of Facilities.  Download the ALUUC building use checklist (PDF)

Co-Chairs:  Gwen Childs and Kurt DeWeese
Board Liaison:  Larry Muir

Standing Committee of the Board.


This subcommittee maintains the setup and appearance of the congregational building.

Chair: Gwen Childs

Ad Hoc Committee of the Board.


This subcommittee provides the floral arrangements for the Sunday morning services. Occasional classes in flower arranging are offered. Also, anyone can sign-up to beautify the church with flowers. The cost is $20.00 for a standard arrangement, but you can order something special if you’d like to spend more.

Chair: Vi Lanum

Ad Hoc Committee of the Board.


This committee plans fun activities that build community and fellowship. These include: potlucks, social hour after the Sunday service; game nights; movie nights; cookouts; and other special events throughout the year!

Chair: Phil Anderson
Board Liaison: TBA

Standing Committee of the Board.

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Covenant Groups

Chair: Stu Jacobson

Ad Hoc Committee of the Board.


This committee coordinates pledge drives, identifies financial needs and works with the Board to recommend the annual congregational budget.

Chair:  Kurt DeWeese
Board Liaison:  Dianne Roberts

Standing Committee of the Board.

Green Sanctuary

This committee identifies and seeks to develop ways the congregation can function in a more environmentally sustainable manner. This committee also identifies and works with outreach efforts in our community, both local and global.

Co-Chairs: Jim Curran
Board Liaison:  Bob Croteau

Standing Committee of the Board.

Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee leads the long range planning effort at ALUUC. The 2015-2016 planning cycle is based on the Appreciative Inquiry process recommended by our MidAmerica Region UUA consultants Thom Thomas and Steve Mennerick. The committee is currently soliciting goals through the end of October, including a Sunday service on October 23, 2016. A special congregational meeting will be held November 13, 2016 to vote to affirm our strategic visions and prioritize specific goals to implement the strategic visions.

Co-Chair: Debby Hagan & Carol Kneedler
Board Liaison:  Debby Hagan
Gwen Childs, Kurt DeWeese, Posy Robertson, Stu Jacobsen, & Dianne Roberts

Standing Committee of the Board.

Find more information on the Long Range Planning page…

Membership Committee

This committee fosters membership and the engagement and retention of members, and organizes publicity for the congregation.

Co-Chair: Carol Kneedler & Dianne Roberts
Board Liaison: Dianne Roberts
Membership Coordinator: Tracy Zieber

Standing Committee of the Board.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for nominating candidates for the Board, for the applicable Committees of the Congregation referred to in this Article, and for trustees of the Endowment Trust. Nominations to the Ministerial Search Committee shall be as necessary.

Chair: Gwen Childs (2017-19)
Sarah Iaiennaro (2016-18)
Stewart Jacobson (2017-19)
Lori Leytem (2017-19)

A Committee of the Congregation.

Pastoral Care

This committee provides care and help to members having difficulties. One of our activities is to match members with needs and members able to help. We need volunteers who are not interested in committee meetings, but want to visit the homebound, drive for people, deliver stuff, and sometimes cook a casserole.

Chair:  Delinda Chapman & Jodi Perko
Board Liaison:  Rev. Martin Woulfe

Ad Hoc Committee of the Board.

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Personnel Committee

This committee oversees the hiring and evaluation of the paid staff, with the exception of the Minister.

Chair: Frank Kopecky
Board Liaison:  Posy Robertson

Standing Committee of the Board.


This committee schedules the lay-led sermon topics and plans the summer services.

Chair: Elaine Orr
Members: Craig Bailey, Diana DeWeese, Penny Wollan-Kriel,
Board Liaison: Bonnie Ettinger & Alison Stachera

Standing Committee of the Board.

Social Justice (SJC)

This committee educates the congregation and takes action on social justice issues. This committee also supports many projects, and works with local, national and international social justice organizations.

Chair: Nancy Derrig
Board Liaison:  Debby Hagan

Standing Committee of the Board.

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Welcoming Congregation

This committee strives to maintain a diverse membership, promotes learning and sharing of values, and fosters action that advances social justice and compassion, both in our community and in our world.

Chairs: Meg Evans & Tracy Zieber

Ad Hoc Committee of the Board.

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Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

The UUSC is a nonsectarian organization that advances human rights and social justice in the United States and around the world. UUSC envisions a world free from oppression and injustice, where all can realize their full human rights.

ALUUC Representative:  TBA

Stewardship Campaign 2017-18

Chairs: Penny Wollan-Kriel & John Malan
Board Liaison: All (but especially Larry Muir)

Ad Hoc Committee of the Board.

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